We all start somewhere. For Olivier, Jean-Christophe and Nicolas, the “French Trio”, it began in Asia 30 years ago during their first working experience abroad.

As their friendship grew over the years, so did their passion for science, mindfulness and wellness as a whole. Having lived and still living in Paris, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bombay and Kuala Lumpur, they witnessed first-hand the rise of pollution over the last decade and its adverse effects on people’s health. As a result they got particularly interested in minimizing the repercussions of environmental nuisances on body’s inflammation and by extension in limiting oxidative stress.

Dedicated to making an impact, they developed a keen interest for natural, preventive products powered by disruptive technologies and with strong art & design attributes. Establishing scientific processes to objectify products’ benefits along with sharing information and their findings has been a core and systematic element of their approach. On that note, they set up EVERGREENLAND and purchased a French natural mosquito repellent technology under the brand PARA’KITO. They launched the concept in 2007 and through hard work and dedication they turned the brand around and have become experts of botanical anti-mosquito solutions. A team of world-class bio-chemistry scientists, experts in oxidative stress, and driven by the same vision and values, joined the project in 2012 and has managed EVERGREENLAND lab in Marseille (South of France) since then. Beyond PARA’KITO’s breakthrough diffusion technology, the scientists found a way to use oil without alcohol in a water based solution, a new technology which has been patented since then, limiting the penetration of toxic ingredients in the blood.

The successful venture, now present in 40 countries including the US, proved that beyond mosquitoes, essential oils enhanced by the most advanced technology, were a powerful remedy against modern, urban issues such as stress, anxiety, lack of focus, sleep disorders… It could harmonize the mind and body but also reverse the oxidation/inflammation cycle.

From there stemmed the idea of developing an ecosystem which would contribute to a controlled wellbeing in indoor environments (home, office, retail spaces, etc…).

Would it be amazing if indoor air quality could be controlled and the air purified? And if we were able to have an aromatherapy session in safe air conditions? Then we would regain control of our life and wellbeing indoor where we spend more up to 90% of our time.

And OLFINITY was born! For the very first time 3 separate universes – air quality, air purification and essential oil diffusion – were bridged in a ground-breaking eco-system to deliver an unparalleled moment of wellbeing in a safe, evaluated indoor air environment, and all managed by an intelligent gateway device.

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