Enjoy optimized aromatherapy in a purified air environment

Provides a controlled (duration and dosage) aromatherapy session in a purified air quality.

For an optimized aromatherapy session, the system monitors the concentration of actives to remain within an efficacy/safety range in a cleaned environment for a limited diffusion duration.

·       Dry diffusion patented technology
·       Optimized dosage
·       Controlled diffusion time of 20 minutes per session
·       2 capsule chambers
·       200 minutes per capsule (10 sessions)
·       RFID technology in capsule adjusts fan speed to each blend
·       Automatic opening and closing capsule system
·       2-colors LED lights (red and blue)
·       Dimensions: 163mm (diameter), 155mm (height)
·       Weight: 900g

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